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At Providence Prosthodontics Dental Group, we use custom dentures to restore the smiles of patients in Orange, CA, and surrounding areas who have suffered extensive tooth loss. A complete denture is used to replace a full arch, while a partial denture is used to replace several. To schedule a dentures consultation, reach out to our practice today.

Dentures Explained

Naturally, the partial restorations fill in spaces created by missing teeth, but it also prevents other teeth from shifting. A complete restoration is made after the teeth have been removed. A conventional type is utilized after the gum tissue has healed, a process which can take up to six weeks.

An immediate denture is made in advance of tooth removal, and placed immediately after the teeth are removed.

Once gum tissues have healed, some shrinkage occurs and our team will make adjustments to the treatment to be sure of a proper and comfortable fit. Severe teeth deterioration can present serious problems to your dental health and overall well-being. It may be necessary to have all of the infected or damaged teeth removed. This is where full dentures are recommended to completely replace all of the teeth.

Our doctors possess extensive experience and solidified skills in providing patients with a beautiful restored set of teeth. We use both traditional and innovative methods to attach the teeth to the specific dental restoration. These methods involve adhesive material or dental implants.

A qualified prosthodontist can provide effective treatment to replace a partial amount of missing teeth. Partial dental restorations can be attached using materials such as metal clasps or precision attachment devices. Dental implants can also be used as connecting point for the teeth and the partial restoration.

Restoring multiple missing teeth entails several appointments over a period of weeks to create accurate impressions and measurements for the custom restoration. Dentures are durable and long lasting, and we provide our patients with care instructions regarding good oral hygiene and appliance

Schedule a Dentures Consultation

Our Orange County dentures specialists can evaluate your teeth and recommend the best type of treatment plan. Whether you need a full or partial replacement, Providence Prosthodontics can help you resolve any undesirable conditions and start smiling again. We are the foremost practice in adopting new technologies to provide the highest quality dental care experience.

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