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TMJ Disorder Treatment

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction refers to an unfortunately common pain involving opening and closing the jaw. Sometimes a popping sound will signal jaw dysfunction, but not always. At Providence Prosthodontics Dental Group, we can perform a thorough exam to evaluate the jaw’s hinges and joint tissue. If we confirm that your symptoms are being caused by the condition, we can provide TMJ therapy to help you find relief from symptoms. Contact our Orange, CA, practice today to schedule an appointment.

TMJ Disorder Explained

TMJ Disorders are a chronic problem because they can result in dysfunction. When dysfunction occurs, irritation can cause the outer surface of the damaged disc to become hard and prone to breaking. The dehydrated disc eventually becomes loose and displaced. The abnormal movement of the joint can lead to chronic inflammation and strenuous pain.

Another effect of dysfunction is that the adjacent muscles are irritated. Chronic jaw muscle spasm then becomes a problem. The spasm can be abrupt and extremely painful, further adding to distress on the jaw and body in general. Temporomandibular joint disorders are also associated with chronic muscle contraction.

This is also known as spasticity and is caused by irregularities in the transmission of signals between the brain and muscles. Patients may experience highly active reflexes, involuntary movements, pain, and difficulty performing functional activities.

Our dental team can successfully diagnose any swelling, joint tissue damage or deterioration, and evaluate the cushioning capacity of joint tissue around the jaw bones when you open or close your mouth.

Treating TMJ Disorder

For most patients, cold compresses and standard pain relief will alleviate any temporary discomfort. Of course, for more serious cases of joint disorders, we can help.

Temporomandibular joint disorder symptoms can include head or neck pain, clicking or popping when opening the mouth, pain around the ear, increased sensitivity around the jaw, and difficulty when biting or chewing. A painful joint disorder requires prompt and effective treatment.

An examination from our skilled TMJ Orange County specialists can determine any specific problems and ensure the right treatments are implemented.

The use of a mouth guard to relieve and prevent teeth grinding while you sleep, often greatly assists in eliminating TMJ problems. We can also fit you with retainers or other orthodontic assistance designed to re-position the joint.

The result will be no more discomfort, and the capability of reversing the negative effects of these disorders. In the most severe cases, we can provide surgical alternatives to reconstruct joint tissue.  In short, we can help.

Schedule a TMJ Consultation

If you think you may be suffering from TMJ disorder, we urge you to reach out to our TMJ Specialists today.

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