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A recent study found that as many as 92% of middle aged men and 83% of women may have undiagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has recommended dental appliances to help cure this problem.

Sleep apnea happens when your airway closes, so that not enough oxygen reaches your lungs while you sleep.

Our experienced dental staff can help relieve this situation and the anxiety it causes, assisting in creating a more restful sleep.

How can your dentist help? 

How can your dentist help? By creating a dental appliance that can be both much easier to use and significantly more effective than the conventional sleep apnea treatment of an awkward, heavy CPAP machine.

A dental appliance designed to alleviate sleep apnea is created by taking an impression of both your lower and upper jaw. Inserting the appliance can allow enough oxygen and air to reach your lungs so that you will experience a more restful sleep.

Enjoying an adequate amount of sleep is important, and sleep apnea can be an obstacle to achieving that. By calling Providence Prosthodontics, you can find effective relief from this disorder and its associated symptoms. A sleep apnea Orange County doctor will be on hand to provide an evaluation and recommend effective remedies. Our dedication is spent on helping you return to regular full nights of sleep.
If necessary, our staff can arrange for consultation with a sleep center prior to being fitted with an appliance.

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